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Here at S5 Ranch Aussies, we live on a small ranch with 88 acres and are surrounded by what we love the most. Our biggest passion here on the ranch beside our children is our Aussies. We are blessed with some of the most beautiful toy and miniature Australian shepherds. We spend our days giving our Aussies the utmost care and attention, making sure each dog and puppy is well cared for so that buyers can be sure they are getting a healthy, quality puppy. All our Aussies can run around on the ranch and play. Their favorite thing to do each day is to be with us in whatever it is we are doing. They are undoubtedly spoiled and loved. Take a moment and look around our site and some photos at the bottom of this page.

Our Family

With every potential buyer, we strive to go above and beyond their expectations in taking the time to speak with them and answer any questions they may have about our toy or miniature Australian shepherds. This is to ensure they find the perfect puppy that fits their family. We value our puppies so much and each one will forever be special to us. Every buyer becomes a part of our S5 Ranch Aussies family. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and always feel free to say “Hello!” We love hearing from other people who love Aussies as much as we do. Be sure to stop by our puppy page and see all the new puppies. For more information, please call us at 937-403-7869.   

Champion and Champion-Bred Dogs

What sets us apart? “The look.” We have fallen in love with the toy- and miniature-size frame of the Australian shepherd. However, make no mistake ― our toy and miniature sizes still have the look of the standard-size Australian shepherd. We are always striving with each litter to have that same standard Australian shepherd look ― just in a smaller frame. With help, we have been fortunate enough that many of our dogs are championed or champion-bred, backed by proven generations, so you can be sure our toy and miniature Australian shepherds are top-quality dogs. All of our puppies are registerable with American Stock Dog Registry and come from health-tested parents

Experience You Can Trust

We started with one miniature Australian shepherd 10 years ago and fell in love. Now at the ranch, we have added a whole lot more toy and miniature Australian shepherds to our family and find joy in passing them onto other families as well. At S5 Ranch Aussies, we try our best to breed for quality and loyal companions to add to your family. Honesty and friendliness are our top values here at the ranch. When you purchase from us you can be sure your purchasing from a trusted breeder.

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