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So, You Have Found Your Perfect Puppy!

What’s next? We are excited to be able to offer you one of our puppies, and we know you will fall in love with them as much as we have. The first step is to contact us here at the Ranch as soon as you see the puppy you want so that we can be sure it’s still available for you. You can contact us at any time through email, phone call or text. Calling or texting is the quickest way we will be able to respond to you. However, we do check our emails several times every day as well.

Buying Process

We require a $400 nonrefundable deposit to hold the puppy you choose. This is nonrefundable but may be used toward another puppy if something unforeseen should happen to the puppy you chose. No puppies will be held or reserved without a deposit.

Puppies can go to their new homes at eight weeks of age after they have received their vaccinations.

When a buyer is ready to put a deposit down on their puppy, we will then email a copy of our contract to them to sign electronically. (You can find a copy of our contract below).
After the contract is signed and a deposit has been made, we will make pickup or shipping arrangements.

Final payment of the puppy must be made upon pickup or before the puppy leaves our ranch. Only cash or PayPal will be accepted.

Each puppy comes with a one-year health guarantee as stated in the contract, the tail will be docked and dew claws removed, a full health record with all their up to date vaccinations and dewormings they have received, a health certificate from our licensed veterinary stating the puppy is healthy, a registration form to register your puppy with American Stock Dog Registry, and also an S5 Ranch Aussies care package that includes a small sample pack of food, treats and toy for the puppy to enjoy.



Everyone asks us what they need for their new puppy. Below is a superb list of things to think about getting for the arrival of your new puppy.

Most Important:
Puppy food! The first year is critical to your puppy’s development. During this time, your puppy needs special nutrition to promote strong bones and teeth, proper development of body systems and a thick, lustrous coat.
Their health is the most important thing to us, and we want to strive to keep each puppy healthy even after it leaves us here at the ranch. Because most canine health issues are related to poor nutrition, we encourage you to continue feeding your puppy Purina ProPlan Puppy Focus and, in your puppy’s take-home folder, you will find a coupon to get you started with purchasing its puppy food. We also highly recommend Life’s Abundance treats, supplements, vitamins and grooming products. You will see we send your puppy home with Life’s Abundance treats as they are the healthiest and yummiest treats we have found. Feel free to check out those treats and other items on the “Nutrition” page on our website. This is also where you will need to go to order any Life’s Abundance products as they are not sold in stores.

The Basics:
Make sure to grab things like food and water bowls, a dog bed, pet shampoo, carpet stain remover, puppy training materials such as treats, collar, and leash. We strongly recommend purchasing a harness for your new puppy to learn to walk on a leash instead of using a collar alone.

Grooming Tools:
We like to use a curry comb, FURminator brushes and/or pin brushes with soft bristles on one side. Establish your dog’s grooming program as soon as possible so that it’ll get used to being groomed.

Safe toys are an essential part of your pet equipment. They can help your dog exercise and provide a safe way to satisfy your puppy’s need to chew. Rubber toys that can be filled with treats, nylon chews and hard rubber balls are fun
and usually safe. If your dog can fit a toy in his mouth, the toy is too small and could be unsafe. Avoid sponge toys or items with attached parts that your dog could swallow.

The crate will become your dog’s safe place and its special place to go to sleep and feel secure. Put it near or in the family hub of activity, so your dog feels like part of the family. This is its home too, and it should feel comfortable here.

What to Expect From Your New Puppy

Each puppy is different, and personalities vary. However, it’s always important to remember the transition from our ranch to your home will be a big change for your new puppy. They won’t understand why they are being taken from their home here to a strange new place with new people, new animals and totally different surroundings. They are being taken away from their siblings who they have been with since they were born, so it’s normal for some crying to happen. Expect it. Everything is new to them, so be patient and remember they are just babies. It’s your job to keep them safe and to reassure them they are loved and going to enjoy their new home.

Remember to start a routine with your puppy right away. They need routine and consistency for potty training. They will have accidents, so remember to stay calm and don’t get frustrated. It will take some time but, thankfully, Aussies are smart and catch on quickly. It’s OK to be strict with them but do not scare them as them fearing you will only set you back in training.

Don’t forget about making sure your puppy gets plenty of rest. You don’t want them to play so hard they forget to eat or are too tired to eat. That could lead to a problem right away. They are like human babies and require a lot of rest. We know they are new to you and so, of course, you want to play with them all the time, which is wonderful but remember to let them relax for a period of time as well.

This puppy is your family member, and the most important thing to remember is Aussies love to be with you wherever you go. So, take them with you whenever you can and let them see the world and be socialized with as many things as possible. They will be better dogs because of it.


Shipping Your Puppy

We of course always encourage buyers meeting us in person and picking up their new puppy; however, we service the whole U.S with our puppies and understand sometimes the distance is just too far.

For those purchasing a puppy from us that are further away, we offer shipping via airplane with Delta Cargo which usually costs $375. Or we do have a pet nanny that will ground transport your puppy with a straight through drive from our home to yours. The cost for this service depends on your location, please call us to ask.

All payment for shipping must be paid by the buyer before the puppy leaves. If shipping with Delta Cargo, we take care of everything for you with no hassle to you.

Visiting Our Ranch

We understand that many of buyers want to come to the ranch and see the puppies in person; we would love to meet you! However, please do not expect to visit and see every puppy and the puppy’s parents. If you are a buyer that is interested in reserving a puppy, we welcome you! We allow you to pick 1-3 puppies you are most interested in and we will bring them out to show you.

For the safety of our dogs and puppies, we do not allow any visitors into the dog area. Puppies can get sick very easily before having all their vaccinations and we do not want to risk having people carry in any germs or diseases from outside our ranch. We also do not want every puppy touched for these same reasons.

All our females are friendly, however they are protective of their babies. So for the safety of our buyers we keep all our adult dogs in the dog area away from buyers. Please don’t think we do this because they are not friendly dogs, because they most certainly are. They are all our best friends. Aussies can become territorial, their babies and our ranch is their home so they will protect their area and we wouldn’t want anything to happen to anyone that our dogs are not familiar with.

Please make sure to contact us to set up a visit as we only allow certain times for visitors.

Our Sales Contract

Here, you will be able to see a copy of our sales contract. All contracts are signed electronically by the buyer and ourselves. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us.

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